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Strauss R. Enoch Arden/ Schumann

John Bell/ Tedeschi
Two of Australia’s finest storytellers, actor John Bell and pianist Simon Tedeschi, break new ground with this new recording of the great melodrama Enoch Arden – a deeply moving tale of love, loss, redemption and shipwreck, told through spoken word and solo piano.

Enoch Arden depicts, in Tedeschi’s own words, "extremities of emotional pathos in which an everyman is thrust into a maelstrom of betrayal, longing, regret and often, madness.” It is the story of three childhood friends, Enoch Arden, Philip Ray and Annie Lee. Enoch and Annie marry and start a family, but after Enoch is shipwrecked on an island for ten years, Annie agrees to marry Philip – believing Enoch to be dead. When Enoch returns, he learns of Annie and Philip’s relationship, and of their child together, and chooses to live in seclusion, heartbroken for his own fate but blissful in their happiness.

(Abc Classics) 4815558

Track Listing Extract:
1–8. Enoch Arden
Poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

9–13. Songs of Dawn (Gesänge der Frühe)

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