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Hildegard Von Bingen Complete Edition 9cd

The Sequentia recordings of Hildegard’s works are contained on 8 releases for the DHM label and include all of Hildegard’s 77 symphoniae as well as her music drama Ordo Virtutum (recorded twice, with an interval of 15 years between the two radically different productions). The accompanying booklets are considered models of research and total almost 400 pages. One of these releases, Canticles of Ecstasy, received several international awards (including an Edison Prize, a Disque d’Or, and a Grammy nomination for best choral recording) and has sold more than a million copies worldwide. In 2009 an anthology was released, containing exceptional tracks from six of Sequentia’s Hildegard recordings on DHM. In 2012 the final recording of the complete works, Celestial Hierarchy, was brought to life by Sequentia’s co-founder and director Benjamin Bagby, to commemorate the elevation of Hildegard von Bingen to Sainthood and Doctor Ecclesiae (2011), to finish Sequentia’s complete works project on the DHM/Sony label and thus to honour the life’s work of Barbara Thornton. For this recording, a multi-generational ensemble of seven women’s voices was assembled under Bagby’s direction, together with the flautist Norbert Rodenkirchen and Bagby playing harp. One of the singers on this final recording had been a member of Barbara Thornton’s ensemble, while some others were not yet born when the first recording was made in 1982.

9 CD-set in book-like format
rn8 panel digi pack opening to left andrnright
including 152 pages standalonernbooklet

(Dhm) 88725431682

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