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Sibelius Piano Works

Leif Ove Andsnes
Leif Ove Andsnes will follow his string of award-winning Beethoven concerto recordings for Sony Classical with an album of solo piano works by Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.

Andsnes has scoured the composer’s entire piano output, carefully selecting the pieces he believes deserve recognition and with which he feels a strong personal connection, uncovering ‘intriguing works with the wonderful Sibelius qualities we know’.

‘There has been such a feeling of discovery’, he says. ‘Everyone was astonished that there can be a major composer out there with such beautiful, accessible music that people don’t know. The fact that many will be hearing it for the first time, that’s a wonderful feeling.’

In taking to Sibelius’ piano literature, Andsnes follows a small but illustrious clan of pianists who have argued the case for some of the composer’s most neglected works, including Glenn Gould. ‘I really, really believe in this music and I want people to hear it’, says Andsnes, ‘I feel like I’m on a mission here!’

(Sony) 88985408502

Track Listing Extract:
Impromptu in B minor, Op. 5, No. 5
Impromptu, Op. 5, No. 6
Kylikki, Three Lyric Pieces, Op. 41
Romance in D flat major, Op. 24, No. 9
Barcarola, Op. 24, No. 10
Ten Pieces, Op. 58 No. 4: Der Hirt
Valse Triste, Op. 44 No. 1
Sonatina in F sharp minor, Op. 67 No. 1
Koivu (The Birch), Op. 75/4
The Spruce Tree Op. 75 No. 5
Rondino in G sharp minor, Op .68 No. 2
Elegiaco, Op. 76 No. 10
Six Bagatelles, Op. 97, No. 2: Lied
Six Bagatelles, Op. 97, No. 4: Humoristischer Marsch
Six Bagatelles, Op. 97, No. 5: Impromptu
Esquisses (5), Op. 114

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