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Alfonso X El Sabio Cantigas De Santa Maria

Jordi Savall
February 1993 in Cardona, Spain

The 'Cantigas de Santa Maria' (Canticles of Holy Mary) are 420 poems with musical notation, written during the reign of Alfonso X The Wise (1221–1284) and often attributed to him. It is one of the largest collections of monophonic songs from the Middle Ages and is characterised by the mention of the Virgin Mary in every song.

The reissue in remastered multichannel sound of this 1993 landmark recording enables us to hear Jordi Savall and his ensembles at their best. Instrumental and vocal pieces alternate and paint a vivid picture of a repertoire, that contributed much to the birth of Western music.

(Alia Vox) AVSA9923

Track Listing Extract:
1. Introducción (CSM 176) 1’38
2. Santa Maria, strela do dia (CSM 100) 2’57
3. Pero cantigas de loor (CSM 400) 3’49
4. Instrumental (CSM 123) 3’41
5. Muito faz grand’erro (CSM 209) 12’25
6. Por nos de dulta tirar (CSM 18) 8’07
7. Instrumental (CSM 142) 4’13
8. Pode por Santa Maria (CSM 163) 5’08
9. Miragres fremosos faz por nos (CSM 37) 4’15
10. Instrumental (CSM 77-119) 4’08
11. De toda chaga ben pode guarir (CSM 126) 10’05
12. Pero que seja a gente (CSM 181) 6’19
13. O ffondo do mar tan chão (CSM383) 8’36
14. Conclusión (CSM 176) 2’52

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