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Fairouz Zabur

Dann Coakwell/ Kelly
Hailed by The New York Times as ‘an important new artistic voice’ and by Gramophone as ‘a post-millennial Schubert,’ Mohammed Fairouz is one of the most signifcant composers of vocal music of our time. His oratorio Zabur (Arabic for ‘psalms’) is a kind of war requiem documenting a conflict’s effects on human beings, most notably children. Though cast in a contemporary setting, in a city under siege, Fairouz evokes a timeless world, acknowledging tragedy while asserting an eternal, luminous hope that transcends the disastrous present.

(Naxos) 8559803

Track Listing Extract:
1. Part I: Prophecy (Chorus, Children, Dawoūd)
2. Part I: There is no power here (Dawoūd)
3. Part I: There is an occasional crackle far away (Dawoūd)
4. Part I: And so now what seemed so urgent before (Dawoūd)
5. Part I: The Lord scoffs at them (Dawoūd, Chorus)
6. Part I: Serve the Lord with fear (Dawoūd, Chorus)
7. Part II: Your candle is almost out (Jibreel, Dawoūd)
8. Part II: I tried to get the children to play, but they won't (Jibreel, Dawoūd)
9. Part II: We should all - especially the children here (Jibreel, Dawoūd)
10. Part II: Can we tell them we are hungry (Children)
11. Part II: Yes, children, this is the power of art (Jibreel, Chorus)
12. Part II: This is inspiring! (Dawoūd)
13. Part II: Destruction of the Shelter (Chorus, Children, Dawoūd)
14. Part II: Hear my prayer, O Lord (Chorus)
15. Part II: The Lord looked down (Chorus, Dawoūd)
16. Part II: In the beginning you laid the foundations (Dawoūd, Chorus)

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